Environmental Compliance Monitoring (ECM)

Environmental Compliance Monitoring (ECM)

Routine environmental monitoring is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety and compliance of industrial operations. The service, offered routinely, includes the collection and analysis of samples from various environmental media, such as air, water, and soil, to detect the presence of any harmful pollutants or contaminants emanating from associated operations and facilities.

Our ECM service covers the following:


  • Surface water bodies (rivers, ocean), including those receiving industrial discharges.
  • Groundwater, which can be affected by industrial contaminants seeping into the soil and reaching aquifers.
  • Industrial effluents and runoffs
  • Rainwater
  • Bilge water


  • Ambient air (outdoor air), including monitoring for pollutants emitted by processes.
  • Indoor air (within buildings)
  • Stack/gaseous emission monitoring
  • Particulate matter (dust, aerosols), including industrial emissions that can contribute to air pollution and settle on surrounding areas.


  • Soil, including industrial sites where soil contamination can occur due to spills, leaks, or improper waste disposal practices.
  • Sediments in rivers, lakes, and oceans, where industrial discharges can accumulate and impact aquatic ecosystems.
  • Waste and landfill sites, including monitoring for leachate that can contaminate nearby soil and water resources.
  • Mine tailings and contaminated land, which can result from industrial mining activities and require monitoring for heavy metals and other pollutants.
  • Bioaccumulated contaminants in organisms (plants, animals), including those exposed to industrial discharges through the food chain.

As a product, our routine environmental monitoring service also has the ability to be bundled with other services such as emergency response, compliance audits, and training. This allows customers to have a complete environmental compliance solution that is cost-effective and more convenient for them.

In conclusion, our environmental monitoring service is more than just a service., it is a product designed to provide industrial operations with a comprehensive and proactive approach to environmental compliance. It is a cost-effective, reliable, and customizable solution that can help customers stay ahead of potential issues and ensure they are in compliance with all relevant regulations.